One of the most important elements in the execution of a project is the establishment of special self-organized groups called CoP (Communities of Practice). CoP evaluates, identifies potential weaknesses, improves,comment on and assist the project team in documenting all phases of the project.

Based on CoP’s contribution, the project team can validate it its methodology so as to achieve the best possible result but also complete the objectives of the project. CoPs contribute greatly because of it their members’ interest in exchanging views and experiences.


The interest groups that compose the CoP for the ARTEMIS project are the following:

  • Category 1: Academic bodies
  • Category 2: Scientific Communities
  • Category 3: Companies related to Geoinformatics
  • Category 4: Companies related to trade and production
  • Category 5: Public Services
  • Category 6: Public


A total of three (3) different ARTEMIS questionnaires were created and distributed depending on the target audience each time. It is noted that the core of the questionnaire was created during the implementation of the first questionnaire, i.e. at the beginning of the project, while then some minor modifications were made depending on the audience.

The questionnaires are divided into two (2) main parts: A. General information, where the respondents answer questions related to their background (anonymously) and B. Additional information, where the respondents are essentially asked to give their opinions about the ARTEMIS project. The first was sent in July-August 2018 targeting “Trading and Manufacturing Companies” and was answered by 13 participants. The second was sent one year later, i.e. July-August 2019 to “Academic bodies”, “Scientific communities” and “Geoinformatics companies” and was answered by a total of 23 interested parties. The last questionnaire was sent in September-October 2020 to “Public services and organizations responsible for sustainable forest development” and “General public” and was answered by a total of 21 interested parties.


Questionnaire results for category 4: “Companies related to trade and production”

Questionnaire results for categories 1,2 and 3: “Academic bodies”, “Scientific Communities” and “Companies related to Geoinformatics” 

Questionnaire results for categories 5 and 6: “Public Services” and “Public” 

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