Chestnut tree as Case study
Chestnut is an ancient tree as evidenced by various findings of the Bronze Age. Chestnuts are an important food for many cultures and especially for China, Korea, Japan, North America and Mediterranean and have been...
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One of the most important elements in the execution of a project is the establishment of special self-organized groups called CoP (Communities of Practice). CoP evaluates, identifies potential weaknesses, improves,comment on and assist the project...
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Katagis, T., Grammalidis, N., Maltezos E., Charalampopoulou V., Gitas I., Development of methodologies and standardized services for supporting forest economics. Proceedings of the MTSR 2018 Conference. Accepted for publication   Maltezos, E., Grammalidis, N., Katagis, T.,...
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